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Workshops 2017:Culture in the Spanish lessons

checkedCinema as a Tool for Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language.

This workshop will point out the utility of using films’ sequences in Spanish classes directed to students of levels A1-B1. The advantages of this method will be explored (presentation of cultural contents, introduction or reinforcement of grammar topics, motivation of the alumni…) as well as the difficulties that teachers might find in the classroom due to the low Spanish skills of students.

Alfonso Zuriaga del Castillo en la actualidad trabaja en la Universidad de Madrás, India, en calidad de lector de español. Ha sido además profesor de español en Wheaton College, Massachusetts, y de lengua y literatura castellanas en diversos colegios de Madrid.

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checkedPlaying with the artistic heritage in the Spanish lessons

The use of artistic heritage as a teaching-learning tool in the ELE class can be the gateway to bring students the culture of Hispanic countries. In the workshop we propose strategies, methodologies and activities to integrate artistic and historical knowledge in an entertaining way with the curricular contents. Through a simulacrum of session / class for level A2-B1 we will treat a grammatical content, integrated with a cultural and historical-artistic content through a playful methodology.

Paloma L. López Delgado es profesora de Español como Lengua Extranjera en el colegio Internacional KC High de Chennai, India, desde Junio de 2015.

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Workshops 2016: Methods for improvement of oral skills

checkedDrama technique for the teachers

 How to work on creativity, inhibition, spontaneity in the classroom using activities to break the ice, communicate, improvise, team work and develop the attention on the movements. The activities will focus on improving the vocabulary, reading, discussion and expressing likes and dislikes at beginner’s level.

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María Amparo Rodrigo Mateu es licenciada en Traducción e Interpretación, con máster en Comunicación Audiovisual, máster en Políticas de desarrollo, Posgraduado en Enseñanza de español como lengua extranjera. Ha trabajado en Reino Unido, Alemania, Austria, Marruecos, Estados Unidos e India, donde imparte clases en la Univerdidad de Mumbai.

checkedArt as a tool in the Spanish lessons.

We can teach Hispanich art and we can use it to teach something else. Art is itself a powerful tool to learn because develope our creativity, promote coperation and improve our visual inteligence. During the workshop the participants get in touch with exercices and digital tools to include arte in their lessons.

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Liliana Chwistek es Licenciada en bellas artes por la Universdad de Varsovia. Pasó su infancia en México, Uruguay y Perú. Decidió juntar sus dos pasiones, el arte y la cultura hispana, y desde el año 1993 es profesora de ELE y de arte en Varsovia donde enseña a adolescentes de entre 11-16 años. A su vez realiza talleres de batik, pintura sobre seda y alebrijes en Europa.

checkedVídeos for Business Spanish.

The participants watch some videos where company professionals try to finance their projects. They will study how to use audiovisual material for teaching the expressions and terms necessary in a formal situation and also how to design their projects in Spanish in and out of the classroo.

Paula Bernárdez Nogueira es graduada en Filología Hispánica por la Universidad de Vigo y posee una maestría en Lingüística Aplicada a la enseñanza de ELE. Trabaja en una academia privada de lenguas y en la Facultad de Comunicación, Ciencias Políticas y Relaciones Internacionales de Varsovia. Además imparte clases de ELE en centros públicos de secundaria.

checkedStorytelling in the classroom.

The participants learn the use of pictures, games, and online tools so that the students can create their own stories, record, illustrate, and dramatize them. They will also learn alternative methods for teaching adjectives, past tenses and connectors at the initial and intermediate level. They will also be able to study examples of these methods used by the students from other countries.

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